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Veterinary dermatology treats animal skin disorders, skin diseases, and skin infections. Treatment is available for conditions such as animal hair loss, parasites, nail diseases, skin cancer, and nutritional diseases. Veterinarians may recommend animal allergy testing for some conditions. See below to learn more and for expert veterinarians in Marion, NC who give access to veterinary dermatology for different species of animals.
Local resource for veterinary dentistry in Birmingham, AL. Includes detailed information on local veterinarians who provide veterinary dental services and treatment for conditions such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, fractured teeth, feline tooth resorption, canine tooth resorption, oral trauma, and feline stomatitis, as well as local resources for advice on dental care for cats and dogs.
Local resource for veterinarians in Grand Haven, MI. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to pet care and animal hospitals, as well as advice and content on pet health.
Which is endlessly frustrating to pet owners who have read up on tubal ligation and vasectomies for canine sterilization and decide this approach might just be best for their pet.
It is very usual for the veterinary to be asked about his clients' dogs' behavior. Most veterinaries will refer their clients to trainers. Yet, a new AAVSB-approved continuing education program developed by a canine behavior specialist has been launched, technicians and assistants can address the behavior themselves, possibly increasing overhead at the same time.
It happens; clients get angry from time to time. Every position in the practice has had to deal with an angry client at some point. Clients get mad for a variety of reasons, but we can keep in mind some basic concepts no matter the reason. First, the angry client wants to be heard.
The hot topic of evidence-based medicine sparks debate between integrative medicine practitioners and the mainstream because many incorrectly assume that complementary medicine treatment strategies cannot withstand scientific scrutiny.